Arrange whatever pieces come your way

“Arrange whatever pieces come your way”

Today is Virginia Woolf’s birthday. Such a seemingly simple quote but so much of life’s difficulties can be lessened and dealt with, if we learn how to do this; arrange whatever pieces come our way; use what we have got and make the most of it.

Easier said than done for many of us; especially hard if we don’t have the wherewithal, strength of mind and emotional resilience to do this arranging so well. Being in this place and headspace can happen to us all; depression is not selective.

The quote above is an excerpt from the Diary of Virginia Woolf. She goes on to say “Never be unseated by the shying of that undependable brute, life, hag ridden as she is by my own, queer, difficult nervous system. Even at 43 I don’t know its workings”

This last sentence, at 43, completely resonates with me!

Here’s to Virginia Woolf; to her wonderfully brilliant and human writing; and to the feelers; to the many women and men everywhere who struggle with depression; who sometimes struggle to make sense of this thing called living, who feel it all so much; who struggle to arrange whatever pieces come their way.


I’ll be posting a blog soon on Depression, in tune with ongoing campaigns centred on raising awareness; stepping away from stigma; speaking out and not suffering in silence.

Sending love out there.

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