Your silence surges through me,
More completely,
Than the sounds you make.

Words present through their absence,
It makes no sense this distance,
And the silence is the place we sit
And stir it up inside.

“Stir it up, little darlin”

Feeding the fear, the you’re not near,
This feeling recoiled is like a well oiled machine,
We clean and clean to make it gleam.

Don’t dare to dream of words,
Of noises that have meaning.
Put a word to a feeling and the feeling disappears,
The your not near begins once more.

I know the score.
I never did like playing games with people’s hearts,
Or having a tune played on my heart,
And the miles apart begin once more.

Can you thaw this ice inside
And let the sunlight in?
I can touch it, so close,
But you keep pulling away.

Let us stray from the path.
Let the heat from the beat of my soul
Cover you whole, with trust in me.

And we can walk right on through
This same insane sanity
And reach the heart of humanity inside.

Let it be.


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