Lucid Love

Tumbling into your tide,

I stop and step back a while;

To touch this collision fully,

To take it as a whole.

A meeting of movement,

Intimate seams,

Delicately joining,

Earthing the stars

That circle our souls.

Mingling minds,

The residual thought; Love;

An afterglow (that will not go)

Lingering in the hubbub

Of our hearts.

The husk of feeling;

Raw and real and

More than us both.

Reach out, to me.

Cut through flesh and bone.

Touch to the tenderness,

The tissue of truth (fine lines)

I search your shore,

Scan the skyline, stretching,

Skeleton to your soul.

Needing to connect,

To hold

That which is You;

The burrowing and rushing

Inside ~

Trying to find the threads,

Between our travelling heads,

To live in lucid love.

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