This Life…

This life. This being human. This emotion. This commotion. This flurry inside. These arms open wide. This peace. This ease. This feeling within. This sharing. This caring. This connecting. These threads. This meeting of heads. This letting go. This yes. This no. This yes, I know. This taking it slow. The beautiful unknown. These seeds we have sown. This reaching out. This being without. This being with. This being. This seeing. This freeing of me. This wait and see. This what will be. This wonderful path that is wending it’s way. The come what may. This grounding. This growing. This love. This loving. This heart. This giving. This living. This simmering softly. This breaking open. This trust. This faith. This saving grace. This face to face. This out of place. This nice one come easy. This be with me, fly free with me. The coming. The going. The moving forward. The stepping back. This taking the flack. The colours. The sounds. This beauty abounds. This light. This holding on tight. This day. This night. This everything is gonna be alright. This magic. This space. This air that we breathe. This all we perceive. This yes, I believe. This care. This being aware. This here. This now. This real and surreal. This everything. This nothing. This being alive. This being alone. This togetherness.This I will survive. The gain. The pain. This passion. This joy. The openness. This tenderness. This feeling blessed. This moment. This bliss. This breath. This everlasting, mesmerizing, tantalizing kiss of life!

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